Company Profile

Company name SAINT PARTS Co., Ltd.
CEO Kenichi Taneya
Established 2013.3.4
Capitals 10,000,000 yen
Fiscal year end December
Type of Business Automobile Recycling
Distribution of used car parts
Distribution of used car
Our Mission

Recycling the efficient material resources and spread the high quality car service for the car owners to the world.

  • • We strive to offer the benefit to all our consumers, business partners and employees.
  • • We strive for the re-evaluation of throwaway society by Worldwide establishment of recycling-based society.
  • • We strive to build the society for everyone to be able to receive a cheap and satisfied car service.

Location Map

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Address 460 Fuwaisshiki, Masaki-cho, Hashima, Gifu 501-6228 Japan
Phone number 058-394-0051
Distance About 10 minutes by car from Meishin "Gifu Hashima interchange"
About 15 minutes by car from the Tokaido Shinkansen "Gifu Hashima station"