About Car Recycling Law

Japanese end-of-life Car Recycling Law has been developed much in advance compare to the rest of the world, so the end-of-life car are properly handled by the licensed dismantling companies, therefore it is hardly seen the illegal disposal of cars to cause the environment pollution or the disposal of cars against the law.

Car recycling fee that everyone has paid is being used for the processing fee for the shredder dust (material which has hard to have its value), air bag, and freon gas. (Car recycling fee does not lead any interests to the dismantling companies and related organizations).

Background of Car Recycling Law came into force

A car, because it is made with a variety of materials such as resin and iron products, processing method suitable for each material is different. Therefore if the improper disposal and treatment method will be applied to used cars, it will cause the serious environmental damage.

Because of the shortage site to process the garbage after dismantling the car, cost of it was pretty high. Some people do not want to spend the money in order to scrap the car and there were many problems of dumping of used motor cars illegally.

In order to solve these problems, Car Recycling Law (law on recycling of end-of life cars) was operated from January 2005 in Japan.

Features of Car Recycling Law in Japan

Car recycling system in Japan is referred to as advanced mechanism in the world; the reason is because the Car Recycling Law has five characteristics.


Hard to manage or high cost of handling parts

Car manufactures and car importers have been decided to take over and recycle the shredder dust, air bag and CFC. These parts that hard to manage or cost of handling is pretty high (currently three items); will be taken care mainly by the car manufactures.


There are clear responsibilities

Responsibilities decided and given to the entire various stakeholders even though there are many related stakeholders such as car manufactures, dismantling companies, recycling fee management organization.

System is based on the car manufactures but it is hard to dismantle all the cars in the world only by manufactures hand therefore the dismantling companies like us and other Corporation and party are working together to protect the environment.


Recycling fee is a prepaid system

Recycling fee will be collected at the time of purchasing the car or when you receive the car inspection, therefore it will help to reduce the improper management of the car with the concept of not wanting to spend the money when you scrap the car.


Processing steps of used car is managed by electronic system

E-system which is called "car recycling system" is built and all the related officials can check and review the process.


System is operated by a third party

The organization called "Japan car recycling promotion center" takes care the management of the car recycling system and management of car recycling fee.

Effect that Car Recycling Law gave to the car owners

We believe many have an experience of hearing for processing fee will be necessary to scrap the car by the auto related group officials. This is the previous story and we no longer hear it much now. On the contrary the number of companies who is buying scrapped cars has increased. We can say one of the reason of this transition is the recycle fee established in the Car Recycling Law.

This car recycle fee will be used for the following 3 items, first is the shredder dust (waste after the processing) which is a main cause of the illegal dumping because the needs of high cost of disposal fee. Second is the air bag because of explosiveness and not easy to handle. The last one is the CFCs that are used for the refrigerant for the air conditioner which will destroy the global environment when it is released into the air. Therefore it decreased the disposal cost for the related business and increased the number of cases unnecessary to pay for scrapping the cars.

With these significant changes of the auto mobile recycling, it has rapidly shifted to the better environments for everyone to discharge the used cars.