Request for price quotation

Thank you very much for your inquiry of price quotation.
We will contact you by the choice of your preferable method.
Please understand it may take up to 2 days.

Flow chart after RPQ (Request for Price Quotation)


Contact request for price quotation (you can call us to 058-394-0051).


Present our purchase price (it may take up to 2 days).


You will not consent to the given price

We will offer free consultation to find the best way to dispose your car: to put on a sale as used car, we can introduce to the other professionals who may purchase better price
(we can also help to put your car to the auction).

You consented to the given price

Schedule the date to bring your car
(we will let you know for the
necessary documents).


Withdraw the vehicle (please bring the necessary documents).


Deregistration (change for the ownership name).
We will change the ownership name within a week after the withdrawal of the vehicle.


Forward the proof documents of completion of the procedures. This document will show you the ownership of the car has been changed and you will not need to pay any tax regarding to the car.
* Once the procedure has been completed for the car that still remains the motor vehicle inspection ticket, we will refund the refundable tax and mandatory vehicle
liability insurance.

Required documents at the time of sale

→ Click here for a sample of the required documents at the time of sales

Application form for quotation request

For the quotation request of the car, please send us the following application form.
If you click   O   M  right next to the box, it will indicates the information to be filled out on the Motor vehicle inspection certificate. [O] is for ordinary-sized motor vehicle and [M] is for mini-sized motor vehicle (please note that motor vehicle inspection certificate is a current format).

  !    - is required field.

Car's name   !    O   M 
Model   !    O   M 
Vehicle ID number   !    O   M 
Model year   !    O   M 
Mileage   !  
Engine type   !    O   M 
Model specification number   !    O   M 
Classification division   !    O   M 
Vehicle state   !  

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Privacy policy

Privacy policy declaration.

St. Parts Co., Ltd. is, by established the Privacy Policy as follows, to build a mechanism of protection of personal information and to ensure the efforts and awareness of the importance of protecting personal information to all employees, we will promote the protection of personal information.

Management of personal information.

  • St. Parts Co., Ltd. Will make the strict management of personal information in order to keep accurate and the most up-to date customer's personal information by preventing an unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, disclosure of personal information with the management of security system, maintenance of company system and the training of all the company employees.

Use of personal information.

  • Personal information entrusted us by our customers will be used by sending e-mail or on the documents as our communication and reply from us.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties.

  • St. Parts Co., Ltd. will strictly manage the personal information and will not share the information to the third parties except the following cases.
  • • With the consent of customers.
  • • To entrust the business to our contractors to perform the service that customers prefer.
  • • When it requires the basis of laws and regulations.

Safety measure of personal information.

  • To ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information, we will take all possible measures to security.

Inquiry of the person in question.

  • To inquire, modify or delete the personal information of your own, we will respond with identity verification.

Review and comply with laws, regulations and norms.

  • We strive to improve our Privacy Policy by complying with laws, regulations of Japan other norms for the appropriate contents.

Inquiry of personal information.

For inquiries about the handling of personal information of our company, please contact
St. Parts Co., Ltd. Personal Information window.